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New filtration solutions for clean mobilitiy

Electrified drives help to reduce CO2 emissions during driving and to decrease air pollution caused by pollutants such as NOX and particulate matter. The resulting increase in the importance of alternative drives is currently accelerating the development of new filter applications at MANN+HUMMEL.


The MANN + HUMMEL product portfolio for electric drives reliably protects the battery.

A number of new filtration solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used in combustion engines as well as hybridized, battery electric and fuel cell drives. Each individual product fulfills important functions and offers several advantages:

Product features

  • Up to three filtration stages: ambient air filter, HEPA filter and cabin air filter
  • Smart and switchable system enables different air flow paths
  • Integrated sensors control and monitor the air quality in car cabin

Concept advantages

  • Offers excellent cabin air quality and reliably protects vehicle occupants

  • Switchable concept increases filter lifetime

  • Reduces energy consumption and therefore increases the range of electric vehicles

Product features

  • Reduces brake dust emissions directly at the source
  • Robust and passive design, no moving parts

  • Designed to fit in existing installation spaces

Concept advantages

  • Reduced brake dust on the rims

  • Easy, fast and clean service

  • Scalable for every vehicle

Product features

  • System integrated into the front end filters fine dust
  • Solution for all vehicle categories, regardless of their drive system
  • Filter element with large inflow area and very high dust holding capacity

Concept advantages

  • Improves emission balance of new vehicles

  • Integration into existing installation spaces

  • Service-friendly concept

Product features

  • High-efficient suction-side filter also as lifetime part available
  • Prevents wear in the system and especially the oil pump
  • Pleated full-synthetic filter media MULTIGRADE eM-CO

Concept advantages

  • Highest filtration efficiency possible at low pressure loss level
  • Maximum filter area by pleated filter media design

  • Compact design for small installation spaces

Product features

  • Pressure-side filter separates particles from oil for the electric powertrain
  • Prevents blocking of cooling channels and nozzles
  • Pleated full-synthetic filter media for high chemical resistance

Concept advantages

  • Transfer of well-established spin-on product designs to electric mobility applications

  • No material support on the pleat block required

  • Easy to service

Product features

  • Storage, degassing and expansion volume of cooling fluid
  • Advanced flow configuration avoids the formation of air bubbles
  • Cap with integrated pressure control valve

Concept advantages

  • Multiple configuration options

  • Position and orientation of filling port, outlet port and return connection can be individually changed

  • Robust design suitable for various applications

In battery electric vehicles, the battery system is the most valuable component. In particular, lithium-ion cells with high storage capacity can only be operated in a narrow temperature window. Increased temperatures lead to premature loss of performance, strong overheating leads even to the destruction of the battery cell. The right heating and cooling strategy when charging and driving is therefore crucial for the system durability. In addition, electric motors and power electronics must also be cooled. Besides the protection against overheating, it is important to ensure, for example, that there are no large pressure differences between the environment and the inside of the battery system and that no condensate from the humidity in the battery system occurs, which can lead to short circuits. For this purpose, MANN+HUMMEL offers numerous filtration solutions that reliably protect the battery system:

Product features

  • Can be used in closed air-cooled high-voltage battery systems
  • Protects the battery system against harmful particles
  • Wide media portfolio available

Concept advantages

  • Low part weight and flexible design

  • Optimized for low pressure loss

  • Also available as lifetime part

Product features

  •  Prevents damage of coolant system
  • Pleated full-synthetic filter media MULTIGRADE eM-CO 180 or glass fiber filter media MULTIGRADE O-G 10.2
  • Cartridge or inline filter possible

Concept advantages

  • High filtration efficiency

  • High mechanical stability over life-time

  • Best resistance against aggressive cooling media

Product features

  • Permanent pressure compensation due to temperature differences or altitude differences
  • Emergency degassing in case of a malfunction of the battery

  • Water and dust tightness to protect the battery system in case of water wading and high-pressure cleaning

Concept advantages

  • Protects the high-voltage battery system in all operating conditions
  • Modular kit offers various combinations for different requirements

  • Premium quality with over six years of experience in mass production

Product features

  • Reduces humidity inside the battery system

  • Prevents condensation and subsequent corrosion of battery cells and other metal parts

  • Avoids the presence of liquid water and therefore short circuits

Concept advantages

  • Free dimensional sizing and water adsorption capacities

  • Can be used in battery housings with air ventilation

  • Also available as lifetime part

Product features

  • High-efficient separation of dissolved water from cooling oil
  • Maintains the insulating properties of the coolant liquid
  • Prevents crystallization of water leading to blocking of the system and corrosion

Concept advantages

  • Easy integration into the coolant reservoir

  • Protects the functionality of the oil circuit and increases the oil service interval

  • Service-friendly

Product portfolio for e-mobility applications

An overview of the filtration solutions for fuel cell protection can be found here. MANN+HUMMEL is working at full speed on new products for alternative drives in order to promote future-proof mobility.

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