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Air/oil separator AOS XT

The air/oil separator AOSXT is suitable for use in oil-cooled screw compressors. AOSXT separators provide robust performance under a wide range of operating conditions. The improved separation performance significantly reduces the oil discharge and thus lowers the operating costs of the compressor. A wide range of products ensures optimal use, even in VSD compressors.

Technical featuresAOSXT
Free Air Delivered (FAD)0,8 to 76 m³/min
Oil carry over (OCO)< 2 mg/m³
Initial pressure drop0,3 Bar
Operating temperature< 120 °C
Copy ProtectionYes
Backwards compatibleYes

Product benefits

Luftentölelement AOSXT Air/oil separator AOSXT
  • Consistent performance even under demanding environmental conditions
  • Minimization of oil losses from compressors 
  • High separation efficiency over lifetime
  • Reduces residual oil content by 30 percent with the same pressure drop
  • High power density with simultaneous reduction of component size

Further information


Learn more about technical details, characteristic curves and order numbers in our catalogues, installation and maintenance instructions.