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Engine oil filters for passenger cars

Oil filters remove solid particles from the oil that accumulate in the lubrication circuit due to contamination and wear. With outstanding particle filtration and dirt holding capacity, oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL offer optimum protection and long service intervals. Thus, they make a significant contribution to the durable and economical operation of engines and vehicles. Engine oil filter systems from MANN+HUMMEL are available as spin-on oil filters as well as filter modules. Optionally, further functions such as oil cooling, oil pressure and oil temperature measurement can be integrated into customized oil filter modules for car engines.

Technical featuresOil filters 
Volume flow range25 to 70 l / min 
Seperation efficiency
50 % at 7 to 20 µm 
Service interval2 years and up to 50.000 km 
Operating temperature-40 to 150 °C 

Product benefits

  • Maximum system efficiency thanks to high dirt holding capacity with minimal pressure loss
  • Available with a variety of environmentally-friendly high performance MULTIGRADE oil filter media
  • Fast, easy and clean service

Oil filter modules

  • Robust designs meet highest technical requirements
  • Integration of various functions to fulfill individual customer demands e.g. pressure and temperature control

Spin-on oil filter

  • Standardized design
  • Quickly available worldwide

Further information

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Experts involved in the development of basic concepts, processes and series projects at MANN+HUMMEL have successfully developed and tested an innovative plastic-aluminum hybrid design for liquid filter modules used in trucks.