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Air cleaner NLG

Modular system for multiple applications

The NLG series developed by MANN+HUMMEL is an economic solution for the filtration of intake air in numerous applications. The flexibility of the series is achieved by a variable modular system. The NLG Pico single-stage air cleaner is designed for applications with a low dust load while the NLG Piclon version with integrated dust pre-separation is used for applications with a medium dust load. Our combination air cleaner with separate DualSpin pre-separator is designed for highest dust loads.

Technical features NLG Pico NLG Piclon NLG Pico with DualSpin  
Type of operation Single-stage air cleaner Two-stage air cleaner Combination air cleaner: single-stage air cleaner with external pre-separator  
Field of application Applications with light dust loads such as commercial vehicles, compressors, marine engines, etc. Applications with medium dust loads such as construction and agricultural machines Applications with high dust loads such as construction and agricultural machines which require a longer service life  
Volume flow range 10 to 45 m³/min 10 to 40 m³/min 18 to 50 m³/min  
Pre-separator - Tangential Cyclone  
Pre-separation efficiency with dust valve


75 % 80 %  
Pre-separation efficiency with scavenging (5 %) -


> 80 % > 84 %  
Final separation efficiency >99.99


> 99.99 % > 99.97 %  
Dust discharge - Dust discharge valve (option: scavenging) Dust discharge valve(option: scavenging)  
Installation Vertical and horizontal installation possible Vertical and horizontal installation possible, depends on the position of the dust discharge valve Vertical and horizontal installation possible, depends on the position of the dust discharge valve  
Service concept Front servicing with standard fasteners Front servicing with standard fasteners Front servicing with standard fasteners  
Additional protection against water ingress Option Option Option


Product benefits

  • Corrosion-free and robust housing through use of plastic reinforced with glass fiber

  • Environmentally-friendly and economical disposal through filter elements which are metal-free and fully incinerable

  • Easy adaptation to different devices through variable inlet positions

  • Quick initial installation on vehicle through integrated threaded inserts

  • Standard wire clamp fasteners for easy change of the filter element without the need for tools

Powerful details

Modular system for excellent flexibility

Flexibility makes the air cleaners of the NLG series suitable for multiple applications. The modular design of the series and different variations always enable an economic solution. The NLG modular system offers four different air cleaner diameters which can each be combined with three different housing lengths to generate 12 basic variants. These variants allow the application to perfectly adapt to the respective requirements of the local environment. Usually, for the standard version of a machine, an NLG with a short housing and short elements is sufficient. If the dust load increases to the medium level, a longer housing and longer elements can be used. The tool-less element service and the standard duct connections and mounting of the air cleaner bracket enable easy and uncomplicated replacement.

Perfect for extreme conditions

The DualSpin pre-separator option is the right choice for extreme operating conditions. The pre-separator perfectly matches the NLG Pico air cleaner and offers a separation efficiency above 84 percent. The special arrangement of both guiding vanes reduces pressure drop in comparison to the use of an NLG Piclon. The robust housing of the pre-separator is particularly suitable for the separation of organic particles and consists of antistatic plastic. This makes the DualSpin ideal for harvesting applications. Generously dimensioned cross-sectional flow areas almost completely prevent clogging. Various guiding vane inserts can be used to cover volume flow rates in the range of 18 m³/min to 50 m³/min and enable excellent flexibility.

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