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Fuel cells

Fuel cells use an electrochemical reaction to convert hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) into electrical energy. Core components are highly sensitive to particles, harmful gases and water present in the intake air. MANN+HUMMEL filtration solutions enable the fuel cell system to function properly and extend its service life through the filtration of particles, the adsorption of harmful gases and the efficient separation of water. 

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Ion exchange filter

In order to keep the electrical conductivity of the coolant below the permissible limit value, ions must be effectively removed. Ion exchange filters from MANN+HUMMEL ensure system security.

Coolant particle filter

The coolant particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL removes harmful particles from the cooling circuit and reliably protects the fuel cell stack and the components of the cooling circuit.

Cathode water separator

The cathode water separator from MANN+HUMMEL protects the stack from water by using inertial separation with low pressure loss.

Cathode air filter

The MANN+HUMMEL cathode air filter protects fuel cell stacks from these contaminants. The combination of adsorption and filtration enables clean air supply to the stack and keeps its performance.


The humidifier von MANN+HUMMEL protects the fuel cell membranes against drying out and provides this level of humidity by transfering water vapour from the exhaust air to the intake air. 

Broad band silencer

The broadband silencer from MANN+HUMMEL dampens the intake noise caused by the compressor and reduces flow noise from the stack and humidifier.

Exhaust system

The exhaust air path of the fuel cell is of great importance. MANN + HUMMEL offers exhaust air systems with integrated functions for fuel cell systems.

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