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Fuel filters for passenger cars

Dirt particles and water droplets have a negative effect on components of the injection system. This is especially true for modern common rail systems, which require high demands on fuel quality. Fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL, with their excellent particle filtration and water separation, enable worldwide use in passenger cars, even in regions with poor fuel quality. A consistently high water separation performance ensures reliable protection over the entire service life. Fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL are available as spin-on fuel filters as well as filter modules. MANN+HUMMEL also offers economical and high-flow inline filters.

Technical featuresFuel filters
Volume flow rangeUp to 260 l/h
Water separation> 99 %
Initial filtration efficiencyUp to 99.7 % at 4 µm
Service intervalUp to 80.000 km
Operating temperature-40 °C – 120 °C

Product benefits

  • High efficient MULTIGRADE filter media
  • Unique three-stage water separation
  • Fast, easy and clean service

Fuel filter module

  • Integration of various functions to fulfill individual customer demands
  • Integrated heating for reliable engine operation at low temperatures

Spin-on fuel filter

  • Standardized design
  • Quickly available worldwide
  • High pulsation resistance and pressure stability

Powerful details

Reach the target in three stages with the three-stage water separation from MANN+HUMMEL

1 Separation of water

2 Coalescence of water droplets

3 Separation of particles




Learn more about technical details, characteristic curves and order numbers in our catalogs, installation and maintenance instructions.