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Cabin air filter systems

More and more people worldwide are suffering from the effects of air pollution. In the area of automotive engineering the focus is therefore increasingly on cabin air filter systems. Multi-stage cabin air filter systems from MANN+HUMMEL reliably protect vehicle occupants from even ultra-fine particles thanks to HEPA filter elements. Our product portfolio is rounded off by intelligent systems with sensors to determine the air quality inside and around the vehicle. This leads to a lasting improvement in air quality, while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

Product benefits

Cabin air filter system with HEPA filter element

Multi-stage filtration concepts

  • Robust, multi-stage cabin air filter system for reliable protection of vehicle occupants
  • HEPA filter for filtration of ultrafine particles (<0,1 μm)
  • Long life gas adsorption layer with pre-filter function
  • Glue sealing technology
Cabin air filter system FreciousSmart Smart cabin air filter system

Smart cabin air filter system

  • Multi-stage filtration concept for maximum protection of vehicle occupants
  • HEPA filter for filtration of ultrafine particles (<0,1 μm)
  • Intelligent best air quality management for an optimized energy consumption and extending the driving range of electric vehicles
  • Sensors continuously control the system and monitor the air quality
  • Increased filter lifetime as filters are only activated if required


Air pollution in cars & solutions: HEPA cabin air filter system for best VIAQ

Best HEPA Cabin Air Filter System for Trucks & Heavy Duty Vehicles

Further information

Providing clean air - even in heavy traffic

The smart cabin air filter system from MANN+HUMMEL provides clean air and simultaneously reduces power consumption – a perfect concept for electric vehicles, such as for example Zoe, the best-selling EV model from Renault.