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Spin-on filters: flexible solutions for clean hydraulic oil

Spin-on filters by MANN+HUMMEL offer our customers and partners a highly reliable and effective solution to hydraulic oil contamination. With their filtration function, our spin-on filters provide a superb level of protection against the ingress of dirt particles within the hydraulic circuit. They are used in the hydraulic oil circuit, for example after pumps, where their filtration properties remove even the finest particles from the oil. As a result, this helps reduce operating costs whilst simultaneously increasing the service life. Furthermore, thanks to their wide range of flexible application options, the filters continue to ensure clean hydraulic oil when other systems would have reached their limits.

The benefits of our spin-on filters for hydraulic filtration at a glance:

  • Lower risk of dirt ingress compared with using normal housing filters
  • Available for different pressure levels, and with a range of integrated functions to choose from
  • Rugged, space-optimized and reliable design
  • Optional private labeling available
  • Quick and clean filter replacement
  • Increased time between service intervals

Our spin-on filters can be used in even the most challenging environments, and with the highest dirt loads. They are simple and quick to deploy and easy to replace - enabling efficient maintenance and minimal downtime in a fast-moving world.

Our hydraulic filters ensure machines and vehicles work efficiently and reliably – in turn, helping us contribute to a modern infrastructure and the continuing development of a wide variety of sustainable industrial processes.   

Spin-on filters from MANN+HUMMEL: Efficiency for industries of the future

For more than 80 years, we‘ve been separating the useful from the harmful. Our experience, combined with the know-how of more than 22,000 employees worldwide, provides our partners and customers with the highest level of service. Our hydraulic filters and other OE filtration solutions support companies and industries on their journey to a cleaner future.

We are a reliable partner and are here to support you every step of the way, never more so than in times of crisis. We offer:

  • Regional and international production capacities
  • Optimal, speedy delivery combined with outstanding stock and parts availability
  • Excellent customer service and quick, efficient communication channels so you can reach us when you need to
  • Both customized and standardized solutions, whatever suits your needs
  • Proven, highest filter quality since 1941
  • Cross-linked filtration products for the best efficiency and effectiveness
  • Simplification of the supplier structure, thanks to our ‘Everything from a single source‘ principle.
  • Intelligent filtration products that can communicate with each other digitally and, thereby, offer the best solutions to all of your needs

Are you looking for highly efficient spin-on hydraulic filters? Do you still have questions about this or other hydraulic filter elements from MANN+HUMMEL? Or would you simply like to explore our portfolio?

Then contact us and discover our extensive range of hydraulic oil filters! You’ll find hydraulic suction filters, low and medium pressure filters, high pressure filters, hydraulic return line filters and in-line tank breather filters that effectively, efficiently and sustainably separate the useful from the harmful.

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