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Transmission oil filters for passenger cars

Dirt particles in the oil cause wear and damage to passenger car transmissions. Suction and pressure-side transmission oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL ensure excellent oil cleanliness thanks to highly efficient filter media and reliably protect transmissions. The design as a flat filter element for suction-side filters offers a large filter surface for high dust capacity and low differential pressure. Transmission oil filters on the pressure side consist of a plastic housing with integrated bypass valve and a filter element. The transmission oil filters are even suitable for limited installation spaces.

Technical featuresSuction-side transmission oil filterPressure-side transmission oil filter 
Volume flow rangeUp to 70 l/minUp to 70 l/min


Separation efficiencyBeta 22 µm(c) ≥ 200 (to ISO 16 889)Beta 5 µm(c) >= 200 (to ISO 16 889) 
Service intervalLifetime applicationLifetime application 
Operating temperature40 °C to +150 °C40 °C to +150 °C


Pressure drop< 0,15 bar @ 24 mm²/s< 0,5 bar @ 24 mm²/s 

Product benefits

  • High efficient filter media assures best oil cleanliness
  • Optimal use of  installation space
  • Support grid for good pleat stability and low differential pressure
  • Proven pleating technology offers a large filter area, assuring high dust holding capacity and low differential pressure

Suction-side transmission oil filters

  • Injection moulded pleat pack as part of the filter housing for optimal use of installation space
  • Mesh-protected bypass valve assures a clean oil flow in extreme conditions

Pressure-side transmission oil filters

    • Easy mounting
    • Integrated bypass valve ensures oil flow even in extreme conditions

    Further information

    Clean oil for the electric motor

    In order to ensure constantly high performance, modern transmissions require efficient oil filters. This also applies to alternative propulsion systems. MANN+HUMMEL therefore offers a compact oil filter system for eAxles and hybrid transmissions which integrates many functions.