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Breather filters for hydraulic oil tanks in the highest OE quality

In sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and transportation, the presence of environmental contaminants such as coarse dust is an inevitable issue. When these airborne particles infiltrate hydraulic oil reservoirs, they pose a significant risk of severe engine damage, possibly leading to the complete breakdown of machines and vehicles.

Key issues we face: frequent temperature changes and inconsistent circulation of hydraulic oil throughout the system often result in fluctuations in the oil level within the reservoir, and can potentially lead to a continuous influx of contaminated environmental air.

Spin-on breather filters and inline breather filters from MANN+HUMMEL significantly extend the service life of hydraulic systems in construction and agricultural machinery, lifting vehicles, or stationary hydraulics. These filters purify airflow, shielding hydraulic oil tanks from fine dust and other particulate matter. This ensures the hydraulic oil remains uncontaminated and the air stays clean.

The main features of our ventilation filters for hydraulic oil tanks at a glance:

  • They remove more than 99.5% of dirt particles from the incoming ambient air - with an air flow rate of up to 15 m³ per minute
  • Our versatile breather filters are also available with an optional pressure control valve
  • User-friendly, easy maintenance thanks to a unique spin-on function for breather and vent filters on the hydraulic tank
  • Compatible with other MANN+HUMMEL hydraulic oil filters for coordinated hydraulic filtration across complete systems

Innovative hydraulic oil filtration by, and for specialists

By opting for MANN+HUMMEL, you’re choosing one of the leading companies in the filtration industry.

With a dedicated team of 22,222 employees spread across 80 locations, we strive daily to develop pioneering filtration products, as well as innovative logistics and communication systems, in order to provide tailor-made solutions entirely suited to our customers’ needs.

Thanks to our global production capabilities, we maintain reliability and availability even during the most challenging times. Explore our air breather filters for hydraulic tanks, along with a vast array of other hydraulic oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL. Join us in separating the useful from the harmful for the sake of a cleaner industry and a future-proof infrastructure.

Are you interested in protecting your hydraulic systems with state-of-the-art hydraulic tank breathers and ventilation filters, even under the toughest conditions? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch

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