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Brake dust particle filter

Fine dust is a danger to human health and pollutes the environment. The passive brake dust particle from MANN+HUMMEL filter with non-woven metal fibers is fitted directly to the caliper and directly retains particle emissions on the brake. The filter fits in all existing installation spaces and can be adapted to different brake sizes and concepts.

Brake dust particle filters for cars and commercial vehicles Brake dust particle filter for cars (left) and commercial vehicles (right)

Product benefits

  • Reduces brake dust emission directly at the source
  • Easy, fast and clean service
  • Robust design fits in all existing installation spaces
  • Passive filter system, no energy consumption
  • Use for all vehicles and propulsion systems possible


Further information

Helping to reduce fine dust  

In order to get to grips with fine dust pollution, especially in big cities, all kinds of measures are being taken or considered. In cooperation with its development partner Hitachi Automotive Systems, MANN+HUMMEL has made substantial progress with its brake dust particle filter and therefore also towards the improvement of air quality.