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Fine dust particle filters: Our solution for clean air and sustainable mobility

The high level of fine dust pollution from cars and commercial vehicles is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Fine dust in the air has extremely harmful effects on health, because the tiny particles can enter the lungs and bloodstream. The consequences: Fine dust can cause massive, often permanent damage. In addition, particulate matter is one of the catalysts for climate change and global warming – and an immense burden on the environment. As individuals, fleet operators and manufacturers increasingly focus on their ecological footprint, they are turning to efficient filter solutions to reduce their impact on the planet. This is where our fine dust filters come in.

Because: What people often don’t know is that fine dust is not only generated by combustion engines. The largest share of fine dust is actually created by the tyre and brake abrasion that occurs whilst driving. So logically, the conclusion is that the particulate matter problem will not disappear once internal combustion engines have disappeared. E-cars and other electric vehicles will continue to produce fine dust emissions. This means the transport of the future will still have to pay attention to the emission levels and environmental impact of cars, trucks, last mile vehicles, buses, etc.

For MANN+HUMMEL, filtration is a key technology for a cleaner planet. That is why our fine dust filters are so crucial: They reduce or compensate for particulate matter emissions from cars, trucks, delivery traffic, buses and more right where they occur. Today our products are already shaping the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

Our fine dust filters for cars and commercial vehicles at a glance

  • All solutions significantly improve vehicles' emissions balance and protect the environment
  • MANN+HUMMEL fine dust collectors are easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Fine dust filters with high-performance filter media are particularly effective against respirable dust
  • Excellent particle separation performance for ultrafine dust with particle fraction size PM10 and PM2.5
  • Our roof box PureAir is simply mounted on the roof of last-mile delivery vehicles, cabs, shuttles and other commercial vehicles, where it serves as a mobile particulate filter with excellent filtration performance and customizable design (color, company logo, etc.)
  • Our pioneering brake dust particle filters remove brake dust directly at the source. Passive filter systems have no energy consumption and can be installed without modification to the existing brake system - active variants offer higher efficiency
  • Integrated particulate filters can be adapted to all vehicle types, regardless of the drive system, and ensure long-term and comprehensively good air quality as market-ready, tailor-made air filters against particulate matter

Our particulate filters for sustainable mobility of the future

With our innovative filter solutions, we are helping to reduce poor air quality and fine dust pollution in cities and other conurbations. Our fine dust filters are optimized for use in, on and under cars, commercial vehicles, last-mile delivery vehicles, buses and much more. Our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Vans shows exactly what this application can look like. We have developed two innovative filters against particulate matter together with the Stuttgart-based automotive group as part of a sustainability project. This collaboration is ensuring more sustainability and less particulate matter in urban delivery traffic.

As part of another pilot project with Audi, MANN+HUMMEL is developing a fine dust filter for electric cars that captures particulate matter from the environment both while the car is in motion and while it is charging, thereby helping to improve air quality in cities. In addition, our collaboration with the ALBA Group continues: Our innovative PureAir roof boxes have been ensuring cleaner air on waste disposal trucks in the city state of Singapore since 2020 by massively improving the fine dust balance of the vehicles.

That's how we are blazing the trail toward zero-emission mobility with innovative and courageous partners. We are convinced that emission-free cars are possible if the right solutions remove brake dust before it is released. We want to prevent air pollution by providing pioneering products that remove particulate matter while driving – and thus transform vehicles into mobile particulate filters. With MANN+HUMMEL and in combination with alternative driving systems, the vision of clean driving is closer than ever before.

What are the particulate matter limits?

Across Europe since 2015 there have been defined limits for pollutants in the air. This provides an exact way to determine air quality. Daily fine dust levels (PM10) may not exceed a limit of 50 µg/m3 in this context. This value may not be reached more than 35 times per year. The accepted annual mean value of the fine dust concentration is 40 µg/m3. Our fine dust filters help vehicles comply with these limits as well as improving air quality. We work daily and relentlessly on new approaches to solutions at over 80 locations worldwide.

Fine dust particulate filters for our vision of cleaner air for all

Our portfolio reflects this vision by providing effective solutions against air pollution from cars and other vehicles to our customers and partners worldwide.

The roof box PureAir and the fine particulate filters integrated into the front-end module clean the air surrounding the vehicle, helping to improve the air quality by capturing PM10 and PM2.5 particles in cities. Our brake dust particulate filters remove particulate matter of particle size PM10 at source, ensuring that brake dust does not enter the environment in the first place. As a result, brake dust particulate filters reduce particulate matter immediately as it is generated. All solutions ensure that particulate matter in the air is filtered in a tailored and precise way for every type of vehicle, regardless of the vehicle's drive system. 

The innovative PureAir roof box

A vehicle that helps clean the ambient air both standing and driving? With the roof box PureAir it is possible, thanks to the efficient filter positioned on the roof of your vehicle, that helps filter pollutants in the air. All elements of the fine dust filter are easily replaceable and therefore easy to maintain. The PureAir roof box can be freely designed according to your needs and customized to suit vehicle style, company CI (corporate identity) and much more.

Pioneering and revolutionary: MANN+HUMMEL brake dust filters

Our brake dust filters filter fine dust directly at the source, preventing it from entering the air in the first place. This revolutionary filter works passively or actively and is located in the immediate vicinity of the brake caliper of cars and commercial vehicles. This keeps pollutant emissions from brake abrasion emanating from your car or commercial vehicle to a minimum. Incidentally, this also applies to the particulate matter released by e-vehicles or hybrid vehicles. Thanks to its adaptability, the brake dust particulate filter is a hugely versatile solution.

Integrated fine particulate filter

This flexible filter is the result of a successful collaboration with HBPO, one of the leading front-end module specialists. The integrated fine particulate filter is inserted into a previously unused cavity between the radiator and bumper. This separator filters even the smallest fine dust particles in the air. This means your vehicle contributes to the reduction of fine dust pollution and to sustainable mobility in cities. And the easy tool-free two-year service makes maintenance a breeze.

Are you looking for innovative and high-performance fine dust filters for your vehicles? Then get in touch with us today – together we will go all the way towards sustainable and clean mobility.


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