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The self-cleaning air cleaner

Impulse Cleaning Technology

The ENTARON XR cleans itself and extends the service interval.

The self-cleaning two-stage air cleaner ENTARON XR with Impulse Cleaning Technology not only saves time and money, it also protects the health of users. Impulse cleaning brings many benefits such as up to 25 times longer service interval, less manual service, reduced downtime and increased machine availability. In addition, the filter element has a newly developed filter media with extremely good cleanability.

Technical features ENTARON XR   
Type of operation Self-cleaning air cleaner  
Field of application Mobile applications with a very high dust load such as construction machines, construction site trucks, harvesters, mobile cranes, mobile compressors, etc.  
Volume flow range 17 to 28 m³/min  
Pre-separation efficiency with scavenging (10%) > 90 %  
Final separation efficiency 99,997 %  
Dust discharge Scavenging  
Installation Vertical and horizontal installation possible  
Service concept Front access with comfort fasteners  
Additional protection against water ingress On request  

Product benefits

  • Avoidance of downtime and manual filter cleaning
  • Up to 25 times longer service interval
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased machine availability
  • Filter media with high filtration efficiency and robustness for best cleanability


ENTARON XR - Air Cleaner with Impulse Cleaning Technology

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Jörg Hammerschick

Product Management OE / Air Cleaner Systems

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ENTARON XR - The self-cleaning air cleaner

The elaborate and potentially risky manual cleaning of the air cleaner filter element with construction and agricultural machinery is now a thing of the past: The innovative self-cleaning air cleaner ENTARON XR from MANN+HUMMEL saves time and money for customers and protects the health of users. Premature engine wear is prevented.

ENTARON HD - round air cleaner for excellent flexibility

MANN+HUMMEL further expands its successful air cleaner range for agricultural and construction machines with the ENTARON HD 13. This enables the two-stage air cleaners to now cover a nominal flow rate range from two to 13 cubic meters per minute.


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