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Fuel cells


Cathode air cleaner

  • Protection of the fuel cell stack from airborne contaminants
  • Harmful gases are efficiently removed from the intake air
  • Use in mobile or stationary fuel cell systems
  • Available as standard product (ENTARON FC, AirPure)

Broad band silencer

  • Improves acoustics of the intake system
  • Reduces the inlet noise and noise radiation of the ducts
  • Pressure loss optimized product design for low energy consumption
  • Use in stationary or mobile fuel cell systems
  • Standard product in development (SoundPro)


  • Protection of the fuel cell membranes against drying out
  • Transfers humidity of the exhaust air through flat membranes to the dry intake air
  • Use in mobile fuel cell systems

Cathode water separator

  • Removes water and ice crystals from cathode supply and exhaust air streams
  • Protects the cathode air cleaner and fuel cell stack from water ingress and mechanical damage
  • Highly flexible product for simple integration
  • Vertical or horizontal installation position offers many installation options - different sizes cover different performance classes
  • Standard product in development (WaterPro)

Exhaust Air System

  • Filtration, separation and adsorption to protect the fuel cell from inlet to exhaust

  • Highly integrated solution in fully-plastic design

  • Air routing from stack to exhaust path including movement compensation, acoustic resonators, water separator to protect the turbine, wastegate-system for stack bypass


Coolant particle filter

  • Protection of the coolant pump against wear and blocking of the cooling channels in the fuel cell stack
  • Use in passenger cars and commercial vehicle applications as well as other applications such as cogeneration plants and industrial trucks 
  • Modular system with different sizes available for optimal adaptation to the application
  • Available as standard product (CoolantClean)

Ion exchange filter

  • Protection of the fuel cell stack against electrical short circuits
  • Integration into the bypass of the coolant circuit
  • Use in stationary or mobile fuel cell systems
  • Two product families: available as standard product (IonFree) for automotive applications and available as standard product (OmniFlow) for industrial applications

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