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Railway applications

Railway applications play an important role in passenger and freight traffic and have to withstand enormous loads. If inferior filter elements are used here, this leads to excessive wear. With filter systems from MANN+HUMMEL, railway applications can achieve maximum performance even at high speed and under demanding operating conditions. In addition to our products for the reliable protection of diesel engines and gearboxes, our portfolio includes high-performance cabin air filters for the best possible air quality in trains. 

Product portfolio


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Air cleaner

Air cleaner systems from MANN+HUMMEL impress with their excellent filtration performance. Harmful dirt particles and water droplets are separated from the intake air, reducing wear on the engine and extending its service life.

Cabin air filter

Cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL efficiently clean the intake air thanks to their multi-layer structure and an optional biofunctional coating, thus reliably protecting the vehicle occupants.

Fuel pre-filter

Fuel pre-filters from MANN + HUMMEL reduce the level of contamination of the fuel with water even before the pre-feed pump in the low-pressure circuit and thus reliably protect the injection system.

Main fuel filter

The fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL protect modern diesel injection systems from dirt particles and water droplets. They reliably supply the engine with clean fuel and increase its service life.

Oil filter

With an exceptionally high particle separation and dirt holding capacity, oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL offer the best possible protection even under tough operating conditions and enable long service intervals.


Oil centrifuges reliably separate soot particles from the engine oil in order to reduce engine wear. Versatile functions can be integrated depending on various customer requirements.

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In our Heavy-Duty and Industry Online Shop you will find our standard components for Heavy-Duty and Industry applications which can be ordered quickly and easily.


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