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Main fuel filters

Commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery as well as industrial engines have to work long and reliably, usually under tough operating conditions. A partly bad fuel quality makes this task even more difficult. Fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL protect modern diesel injection systems from dirt particles and water droplets. They therefore reliably supply the engine with clean fuel and increase its service life.

Fuel main filters from MANN+HUMMEL are available as spin-on fuel filters as well as filter modules. Our spin-on fuel filters impress with high pulsation resistance and pressure stability. Depending on the requirements, various MULTIGRADE filter media with different filtration efficiencies, sizes and service intervals, as well as the appropriate filter heads, can be used to reduce system wear. Customized fuel filter modules convince with a high level of functional integration. ​​

The innovative WAVELOCK bayonet interface for various liquid filter applications enables easy, quick and clean servicing. Read more about WAVELOCK.

Technical featuresFuel filters
Volume flow range50 – 1200 l/h
Water separationUp to 99 %
Initial filtration efficiency>95 % - 99,99 % @ 4 µm (c)
Service interval1.000 h or 150.000 km
Operating temperature-40 °C to 120 °C

Product benefits

  • High efficient and environmentally friendly MULTIGRADE filter elements
  • Unique three-stage water separation
  • Fast, easy and clean service

Fuel filter modules

  • Integrated heating for reliable engine operation at low temperatures
  • Integration of various functions to fulfill individual customer demands

Spin-on fuel filters

  • Standardized design
  • Quickly available worldwide
  • High pulsation resistance and pressure stability

Powerful details

MANN+HUMMEL fuel filter module integrates a number of functions

1 Pressure sensor

2 Main filter with three-stage water separation

3 Water sensor

4 Water drain plug

5 Hand pump

6 Pre-filter

7 Recirculation valve

8 Overpressure valve



Three-stage water separation for construction and agricultural machines

Three-stage water separation for commercial vehicles

Further information

Strong fuel filter module for power trucks

MANN+HUMMEL is now also supplying an innovative fuel filter module for power trucks in the heavy duty range to Daimler.

Compact fuel filter module integrates a variety of functions

A compact fuel filter module from MANN+HUMMEL protects the European engines of the Medium Duty Engine Generation from Daimler and also the engines of the Daimler subsidiary Detroit Diesel. This is made possible by a number of integrated functions.