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Centrifuge ESC 600

ESC 600 - Easy Service Centrifuge von MANN+HUMMEL ESC 600 - Easy Service Centrifuge by MANN+HUMMEL

The centrifuges reliably retain contaminants from the lubrication oil used in diesel engines in the partial flow and therefore contribute towards a considerably longer service interval. The development of the oil centrifuge ESC 600 (Easy Service Centrifuge) is the response of MANN+HUMMEL to numerous customer requests for a new generation of partial-flow centrifuges for diesel engines which are easy, clean and quick to service. The use of revolutionary materials take MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge technology into a new era.

Technical featuresESC 600
System capacity200 to 1,500 l
Oil pressure range3 to 7 bar
Volume flow range55 to 76 l/min
Rotor speed2,800 to 3,800 rpm
Dirt capacity6 l
Net weight25 kg

Product benefits

  • Extension of oil lifetime

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Supports clean combustion and fuel efficiency

  • Clean and easy service

  • Maximizes operating time


Centrifuge - ESC 600

High performance details

Cut-away model of the ESC 600

1 Die-cast cover

2 Silicone rotor liner

3 Quick release rotor

4 Rapid drain cut off valve

Further information


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