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Cabin air filters

The outside air that enters the passenger compartment through the ventilation system contains a wide range of substances that are harmful to health, such as fine dust or allergens. Cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL efficiently clean the intake air thanks to their multi-layer structure and an optional biofunctional coating, thus reliably protecting the vehicle occupants. MANN+HUMMEL also offers switchable and multi-stage cabin air filter systems which ensure optimum air quality in the cabin in all ambient situations, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and increasing the service life of the filters.


Cabin air filters

for construction applications


  • High efficient filtration solutions with protection against respirable silica dust
  • Fulfills requirements according to filter class MERV 16

Cabin air filters

for agricultural applications


  • Removal of hazardous substances (e.g. pesticides)
  • Fulfills all requirements according to EN 15695
  • Filter elements and systems with housing in categories 2, 3 and 4 e.g. ENTARON CA category 4

Cabin air filters

for industrial applications


  • Retrofit cabin air filter
  • Based on air cleaner IQORON-V/S with various types of filter media for different requirements


Cabin air filter elements


  • Filtration of dirt particles, harmful gases and pollen
  • Reliable protection of vehicle occupants
  • Various element geometries for complex installation spaces
  • Multi-layer filter media

Cabin air filter systems


  • Multi-stage filtration concept
  • Maximum protection of vehicle occupants
  • HEPA filter for filtration of ultrafine particles (<0,1 μm)
  • Intelligent best air quality management optional

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