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Integrated filtration solution improves emission balance

As an extension of the wide range of initiatives aiming to reduce fine dust pollution, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a world premiere in cooperation with HBPO. The pioneering concept of the innovative fine dust particle filter can now also be integrated into the front end of new vehicles.

Just imagine if a vehicle not only produces fine dust, but also collects it! Vehicles with combustion engines could thus achieve the particulate emission balance of a purely electric vehicle. It sounds unbelievable, but this is exactly the target that the developers at MANN+HUMMEL set themselves. In cooperation with HBPO, frontend module specialist, they have now developed an integrated fine dust particle filter which can be fitted to previously unused installation space in the front end module. Depending on the operating situation and thermal management, a roller shutter from HBPO serves to enhance the cW value of the vehicle. The flexible filter element from MANN+HUMMEL is integrated between cooler and bumper. This allows every new vehicle to improve its fine dust emission balance.

High-performance filter element

To reduce emissions, the experts at MANN+HUMMEL use a highly developed filter element with a large inflow surface and very high dust holding capacity with extremely low pressure loss. A reinforcement of the filter element is intended since at high speeds large forces act on the surface area of the filter. The development goal is to achieve a separation efficiency of up to 80 percent. The annual service can be carried out without tools. Fixing brackets integrated on the plastic frame allow the easy removal and replacement of the filter element.

Integrated fine dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL

1 Rollo-Shutter from HBPO

2 Integrated fine dust particle filter

3 Cooler

Application to improve air quality

The conceptual design of the integrated fine dust particle filter takes into account passive and active systems. In the passive mode, the system filters the inflowing air while the vehicle is in motion, to reduce the concentration of fine dust. In an active operation, a fan fitted behind the cooler increases the air volume flowing through the filter and accordingly the filtration performance. The aim is that the emission balance of a vehicle, in cities that exceed the WHO limit value of 50 micrograms per cubic meter, is at the level of a pure electric vehicle even in the passive mode.

Furthermore, with the aid of sensors an intelligent system could control the filtration performance of the filter system to take ambient conditions into account and control the concentration of fine dust. This ensures the optimal filtration performance in all situations to improve the fine dust emission balance of the vehicle.

In the course of its strategic ‘fine dust eater’ initiative started in 2017, MANN+HUMMEL equipped test vehicles with fine dust particle filters installed in roof boxes or attached to the underbody of the vehicles. The filters retain fine dust from the ambient air including tire and road abrasion particles as well as brake dust and in this way in particular also retain particles from other vehicles. The fine dust filter integrated in the front end completes the already existing products of this platform. This world premiere is a solution for all vehicle categories, regardless of their drive system. It thus makes a contribution to clean air and clean mobility in new vehicles.

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Helping to reduce fine dust

In order to get to grips with fine dust pollution, especially in big cities, all kinds of measures are being taken or considered. In cooperation with its development partner Hitachi Automotive Systems, MANN+HUMMEL has made substantial progress with its brake dust particle filter and therefore also towards the improvement of air quality.