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More sustainability and less fine dust in urban delivery traffic

MANN+HUMMEL provides innovative fine dust particle filters for Mercedes-Benz sustainability project

The air in our cities must be improved. All experts agree on that. The World Health Organization (WHO) has just issued its new guidelines. Core points: A significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter levels. Air pollution is a global problem that must be tackled through cross-border cooperation and with innovative technologies.

Mercedes-Benz SUSTAINEER with fine dust particle filters from MANN+HUMMEL

As a global leader in filtration technology, MANN+HUMMEL has developed reliable products and solutions to enable cleaner mobility and thus significantly improved air quality. As part of a Mercedes-Benz sustainability project, filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL has worked with Mercedes-Benz to develop two fine dust particle filters (frontend module and underbody solution) that offset the vehicle's particulate emissions by more than 50 percent. With its technology demonstrator, the SUSTAINEER (SUSTAINABILITY PIONEER), Mercedes Benz Vans is providing us with a tangible impression of just how sustainability in urban delivery operations may look in the future.

"We are very pleased to be part of such a promising project that uses different solutions to improve air quality. Our two fine dust particle filters significantly improve the fine dust balance. The poorer the air quality, the more effective is the filtration," explains Markus Kolczyk, Vice President Original Equipment Global Engineering at MANN+HUMMEL. "Laboratory tests and simulations confirmed this effect several times. Emission-free driving and delivery in the inner city are therefore within reach.”

Underbody fine dust filter mounted at the Mercedes-Benz SUSTAINEER

Sophisticated technology ensures improved air quality

The underbody fine dust particle filter is located in the area of the rear axle. This is exactly where one of the biggest concentrations of particulate matter in the vicinity of the vehicle can be found. The passive filter traps the particles stirred up by the moving van and other vehicles. An optimised air duct system ensures the best possible cleansing effect. The filter needs to be replaced once a year.

The second filter is integrated in the frontend module and works in combination with the existing extractor fan to filter fine particles from the air. This means that it not only purifies the air using the airflow around the vehicle when driving, but also filters particulates from the surrounding air when the vehicle is travelling at low speed or being charged while stationary.

sustaineer-installation-position-of-the-filter-systems Installation position of the filter systems

Additionally, the vehicle is fitted with a fine particle sensor. This can measure the concentration of fine particles in the air and control the filtration level accordingly in order to maintain a target state. This also allows the vehicle to be used as a mobile monitoring station. The filter elements can easily be removed and replaced during annual servicing.

The frontend module and underbody filters reduce fine particulate emissions in the direct vicinity of the vehicle up to a particle size of ten micrometres (PM10) by over 50 percent – 35 percent during charging and 15 percent while driving. The effectiveness of the filtration system increases further when there is a higher level of particle pollution. This means that in urban areas with poorer air quality, far greater quantities of fine particles can be filtered out.  

Frontend filter

This is the MANN+HUMMEL fine dust particle filter integrated into the frontend

Underbody filter

This is the MANN+HUMMEL fine dust particle filter mounted in the underbody


Mercedes-Benz SUSTAINEER with MANN+HUMMEL Fine dust particle filters

Further information

Integrated fine dust particle filter

Fine dust is a danger to human health and pollutes the environment. The integrated fine dust particle filter has been developed by MANN+HUMMEL in cooperation with HBPO, the global frontend module specialist. The flexible filter element is integrated between cooler and bumper. This solution can be fitted to previously unused installation space in the front end module and allows every new vehicle to improve its fine dust emission balance.

Fine dust particle filter roof box PureAir

Fine dust is a danger to human health and pollutes the environment. The fine dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL filters fine dust from the ambient air and can be easily mounted on the roof of various vehicles. Thanks to the integrated fan, the fine dust particle filter PureAir filters fine dust from the ambient air even when the vehicle is not in operation. With this solution, the fine dust emission balance of vehicles can be significantly improved.