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Coolant particle filter

MANN+HUMMEL coolant particle filters protect both fuel cells and high-voltage battery systems from contamination.

During the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell, heat is generated which must be discharged. The coolant particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL removes harmful particles from the cooling circuit in the main flow. Contaminations in the coolant circuit can either block narrow cooling channels or cause wear on the coolant pump. Filters with pressure drop-optimized design allow clean coolant in the main flow and thus reliably protect the fuel cell stack as well as components of the cooling circuit.

Coolant particle filters also provide reliable protection for high-voltage battery systems: The inflow of liquid-cooled batteries contains harmful particles, which can block cooling channels and thus lead to pressure loss and overheating of the battery. With its extensive experience in the filtration and separation of liquids, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a coolant particle filter for high-performance batteries. It removes harmful particles and thus protects the system from pressure loss, wear and overheating.

Product benefits

Coolant particle filters for fuel cells
  • Protects the fuel cell against wear by removing particles

  • Prevents blocking of the cooling channels

  • Pressure loss optimized filter design

  • Easy integration into the coolant circuit thanks to a compact design

  • Various screen fabrics and filter media available


Coolant particle filters for high-voltage battery systems

  • Prevents damage of coolant system

  • Protects the battery system from pressure loss, wear and overheating

  • High filtration efficiency

  • High mechanical stability and chemical resistance over life-time

  • Filter element or inline filter possible


Coolant particle filters for fuel cells

Coolant particle filters for high-voltage battery systems

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