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Exhaust air system

The exhaust air path of the fuel cell is of major importance. MANN+HUMMEL offers exhaust air systems with integrated functions for fuel cell systems. Process water from the chemical reaction in the stack must be reliably separated to protect the sensitive turbine. Resonators from MANN+HUMMEL dampen the noise emissions of the turbine and thus contribute to the pleasant acoustics of the vehicles - this is particularly important because of the quiet drive system of the fuel cell.

Product benefits

  • Highly integrated, space-optimized solution in plastic possible
  • Airflow optimized in terms of flow and pressure loss
  • Integration of acoustic measures to reduce unwanted noise emissions
  • Protection of the turbine against water drops and ice crystals
  • Integrated wastegate system possible

High performance details

MANN+HUMMEL Exhaust air system

1 Exhaust air from stack (before compressor)

2 Exhaust air to environment (after compressor)

3 Resonator

4 Turbine water separator

5 Clean air intercooler and humidifier (high pressure)

6 Wastegate system (bypass) with flap

7 Clean air from air cleaner (low pressure)

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System expertise for fuel cell powertrains

Legislation governing vehicle emissions is becoming stricter, the climate debate and therefore also the development of alternative drives is gaining momentum. One promising solution is the fuel cell used to supply energy to an electric drive. MANN+HUMMEL has now developed an innovative air induction system for the cathode path in order to ensure an efficient supply of clean air to the fuel cell.