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High separation efficiency low energy consumption

StarBoxXT and StarBox2 are the new spin-on separators from MANN+HUMMEL used for air/oil separation of compressors. The innovative separator series ensures clean compressed air and simultaneously reduces the energy consumption of the systems.

20 percent less energy required, significantly reduced oil consumption or simply smaller? That all sounds promising. Especially when we are talking about the generation of compressed air. This is because compressed air as a source of energy for industry and trade is indispensable. After all, compressed air is easy and safe to handle.

In order to ensure that compressors function economically and ecologically, MANN+HUMMEL provides filter components which are perfectly matched to each other. In addition to air cleaners and oil filters, modern spin-on separators are a crucial part. They reliably separate the oil from the compressed air and return it back into the compressor, so that the oil cannot enter the environment. And this under sometimes demanding environmental conditions such as high temperatures or humidity. Separators with a high separation efficiency, however, often have a high pressure loss, which restricts the outflow of the compressed air. This leads to an undesired increase in the amount of energy required to run the system.  MANN+HUMMEL has therefore developed two product series that have been specially optimized for this task. The new series are

  • StarBoxXT for superior separation efficiency and
  • StarBox² for particularly low pressure drop.
    Both separators are designed for a wide flow range in order to make their advantages available over the entire working area even in compressors with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD).

StarBoxXT - Robust and powerful

The StarBoxXT is the new standard series. It offers a stable and reliable function in different operating ranges as well as a reduced oil consumption by approximately 30 percent. Energy-saving compressors with variable drives are also optimally supported. MANN+HUMMEL has developed a new sealing concept for a secure maintenance. Scratching of sealing surfaces with subsequent leakage or shearing of sealing elements during filter replacement is excluded by the design. The new StarBoxXT series can be used directly on existing compressors and is immediately ready to perform with all its advantages.

StarBox² - Improved flow and lower energy consumption

The innovative StarBox2 offers decisive advantages in relation to energy consumption. MANN+HUMMEL developed the spin-on separator series especially for stationary and mobile compressors up to a performance of approximately 55 kilowatts. The StarBox2 reliably separates the oil from the compressed air while managing to reduce the power consumption. This allows StarBox2 to impress in comparison to other spin-on separators with a pressure loss which is up to 25 percent lower. This is made possible by an improvement in the flow characteristics in the connection area and a new sealing concept. At the same time they improve the assembly safety. The energy saved over the lifetime of the product adds up to 1.450 kilowatt hours in comparison to conventional products. With the wide coverage of flow rates in the range of 0.4 to 6.5 cubic meters per minute, the StarBox² impresses with the largest FAD range on the market (Free Air Delivery, uncompressed air freely sucked in by the air filter).

Filter program for compressors

The MANN+HUMMEL filter program for compressors starts with the intake air filter. It prevents dust from the ambient air from penetrating the process chain, being deposited there or causing damage to mechanical components through abrasion. A special compressor oil is injected into the screw compressor in order to dissipate the occurring compression heat and to seal the necessary gaps between rotors and housing. Before the oil enters the compressor block, an oil filter removes dirt particles and any agglomerations of oil. Finally, the spin-on separator follows at the end of the process chain. It separates oil from the compressed air and directs it back into the oil circuit. The spin-on separator therefore ensures that compressor oil does not enter the environment.

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