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IQORON VP – the compact power pack

The IQORON VP range from MANN+HUMMEL offers a uniquely flexible filtration concept which shows its strengths especially in extremely dusty environments.

They have to handle heavy dust loads, be strong and robust and also be as compact as possible: air cleaners used in heavy duty applications have to provide high performance challenged with less installation space. MANN+HUMMEL developed the compact IQORON VP range especially for applications with medium to extremely high dust loads. The two-stage air cleaners which make the most of installation space complements conventional round air cleaners and with nominal flow rates from 14 to 33 cubic meters per minute provides the necessary flexibility for numerous applications.

Innovation through experience

IQORON VP range – Overview of sizes 33, 25 and 19

The core element of the compact air cleaner series is the innovative filter element concept called VarioPleat. MANN+HUMMEL exploited its many years of experience working with customer specifications in the development of this technology and in the process filed patents for a number of solutions. The result is impressive as VarioPleat provides a particularly high power density with filter systems with an axial air flow. The height of the pleats of the filter element can be individually adjusted to realize elements with large pleat steps and gradual transitions. The variable pleat technology enables efficient air routing and compared to similar technologies provides a low flow resistance. The design and stabilization measures of the element reduce the risk that the pleats are clogged by coarse particles.

Operation with the multi-cyclone pre-separator is possible in a vertical or horizontal installation even without a loss in performance when a dust discharge valve is used. This extends the service life of the IQORON VP range compared to similar products by up to 70 percent. Using scavenging, the pre-separation efficiency can be increased up to 90 percent.

Small, robust and flexible

Cross-section of the IQORON VP 25

The short, lean housing of the IQORON VP range was designed especially for tight installation spaces. It consists of fiber glass reinforced plastic. Using threaded inserts it can be mounted in a number of different ways.

The 45 degree elbow available as an option also offers flexibility and reduces the space requirement by up to 15 percent. The direction of the connections is configurable to enable short air routing and reduce flow resistance to the minimum while an integrated reinforcement ring enables a high tightening toque. Optional intake hoods rotatable by 180 degrees can be fitted to the cyclone block or to the housing.

The modular design of the air cleaners of the IQORON VP range is also configurable as a single-stage air cleaner, i.e. without the multi‑cyclone pre-separator or as a power pack solution with two air cleaners switched in parallel for air requirements up to 66 cubic meters per minute.

Reliable operation, easy to service

The smart overall concept of the IQORON VP range is demonstrated by numerous ingenious solutions for easy servicing. The secondary element reinforced with a robust plastic frame provides safety during replacement of the filter element. Both sides of the housing have integrated connections for servicing sensors with M 10x1 threads. Special comfort fasteners remove the need for a tool to open the compact air cleaner. Using the integrated handles, the main and secondary elements can be easily removed using only a small amount of force. The innovative IQORON VP range convinces with flexibility and performance, even under the most extreme operating conditions. In 2019, a number of standard and customized applications will enter series production.


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